BRITNEY: Boo-boo at the altar
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Lost generation’s race to the bottom

By Stephanie Lysaght, Times Staff Writer

BRITNEY: Boo-boo at the altar

Brit’s first major public boo-boo was marrying a man she wasn’t even dating, childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander. The pair unmarried themselves seconds after the news hit the tabloids. (

Next stop on Brit’s bad judgment express was Kevin Federline. Despite the fact that Shar Jackson was pregnant with Federline’s second child (red flag, anyone?), Brit and Kevin got married and had two children together. They later filed for divorce. (Danny Moloshok / AP)
BRITNEY: Rock bottom

In 2007, Britney checked into rehab. She left after less than 24 hours. She went to a salon the next night and shaved her head. She then went back into rehab, staying for a month this time. (
BRITNEY: The comeback

Brit’s comeback tour consisted of a string of shows that lasted 15 minutes -- 15 entirely lip-synched minutes. Fans were, shockingly, somewhat incensed.

(Pictured performing in 2003 at the American Music Awards)
 (Mark J. Terrill / AP)
PARIS: Sex tape

The release of Paris’ sex tape with Rick Salomon was the first Grade A controversy of her career as a public spectacle. Some thought it was a publicity stunt, but Paris insisted she had nothing to do with the leak of “1 Night in Paris.” (Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images)

The contents of Paris’ private storage locker were revealed on We found out Paris might have had a mild case of a social disease, but otherwise, damage from this scandal was minimal. (Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)
PARIS: Rock bottom

Paris was arrested for DUI and her license was suspended. Which was just a lead-in to getting pulled over for driving with a suspended license. Twice! The heiress was forced to spend 22 days in jail. (Gabriel Bouys, AFP / Getty Images)
PARIS: Comeback

Paris came out of the slammer stronger than ever, with potential book deals and a line of hair extensions. She even dropped a few pounds in jail. (Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images)
LINDSAY: Warning signs

When the red-head with the killer curves bleached her hair and got so thin that she was unrecognizable, people began to worry. Every Hollywood malfunction was tied to her in the rumor mill, and all seemed plausible.

(Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, right) (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)
LINDSAY: A taste for drama

Lindsay’s life in the fast lane soon trickled into the public eye: between the sexy photos of Vanessa Minnillo and Lindsay playing with knives and the photos of Lindsay doing cocaine, it was clear that Lindsay had a problem. (
LINDSAY: Rock bottom

Lindsay reportedly smashed her Mercedes into a curb on Sunset Boulevard one morning at 5:30. Police said cocaine was found in her vehicle, and alcohol and cocaine were found in her blood. (Mark Mainz / Getty Images)
LINDSAY: Even rockier bottom?

After leaving rehab at Promises in Malibu, Lindsay was due for her comeback. A new movie was about to come out and she was scheduled to chat with Leno. Instead, she was arrested again on suspicion of DUI while allegedly chasing her assistant’s mother through Santa Monica at 2 a.m. (HO, AFP / Getty Images)
NICOLE: Weight plummets

When Nicole’s weight fell to below 90 pounds, she denied having an eating disorder. She did, however, enter treatment for her “inability to put on weight.” (
NICOLE: Rock bottom

At least Nicole’s DUI was original; not only was she driving under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin, she was also driving the wrong way on the freeway. (Diane Bondareff / AP)
NICOLE: What’s next?

After breaking off her engagement to DJ AM Adam Goldstein, Nicole hooked up with Joel Madden. Now pregnant with Joel’s baby and sentenced to four days in jail for her December DUI, it remains to be seen whether or not Nicole can get her life together.
 (Lori Shepler / LAT)