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Making ‘Shrek the Third’

“I wish everybody could see every detail,” says production designer Guillaume Aretos. (Robert Durell / LAT)
“Most of this crew is so familiar with Shrek by now that we have the luxury of adding extra cinematic layers,” says head of layout Nick Walker. (Robert Durell / LAT)
“Puss in Boots is the most technically complex character. We built over 400 animation controls,” says character TD supervisor Lucia Modesto. (Robert Durell / LAT)
“The baby carriage vomit scene uses an updated fluid simulation tool we first used on [1998’s] ‘Antz,’” says VFX supervisor Philippe Gluckman. (Robert Durell / LAT)
"[Puss in Boots’] cuteness factor has to do with the ratio of eye size to forehead,” says head of character FX Bill Seneshen. (Robert Durell / LAT)
“The final scene was the most complex to animate. It’s like a big Broadway production,” says head of animation Tim Cheung. (Robert Durell / LAT)
“There’s nobody on this film who wants to make a cookie cutter movie,” says produer Aron Warner, far left, pictured with director Chris Miller and co-director Raman Hui. (Robert Durell / LAT)