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SMART LIST: Pop culture talking points (Week of August 12)

You’ll be talking about: “Superbad.” There will be those who love this movie about one crazy night when two high school best friends hunt for booze. They will mostly be boys between the ages of 11 and 17. Then there will be the rest of us who may find the moment the two stars declare their love for each other to be comic genius, but other than that…. (Friday) (Melissa Moseley / Columbia Pictures)
We wish you could talk about: “Virgin Territory.” There is a movie out there that was originally called “The Decameron” and is now called “Virgin Territory.” It stars Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton and must not be very good because it has been shelved for quite some time. At some point, we think it was supposed to come out next Friday. It isn’t, but we’re curious about Barton’s future, and therefore, wish it were. (Not Friday) (Andreas Rentz / Getty Images)
You could talk about: Jack Kerouac. OMG, SACRILIGE!! The author of Smart List does not love “On the Road”!! (Not even when I was in college!!) The novel turns 50 this year, which gives Viking an excuse to publish “On the Road: The Original Scroll,” Kerouac’s original draft of the book. (Thursdsay) ()
You should talk about: John McCain. The presidential candidate who, we’ve been told, is “more comfortable as an underdog” has a book coming out this week. It’s called “Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Make Them” and is an anatomy of the decisions that shaped the previous century. Apparently his co-writer Mark Salter did 90 percent of the work, but Publisher’s Weekly loved it! (Tuesday) (George Nikitin / AP)
We assume you’ll talk about: “The Invasion.” If memory serves (and it does, we checked!) this is the movie that put Nicole Kidman on top of the 2006 highest paid actresses in Hollywood list, eclipsing Reese Witherspoon. She was reportedly paid almost $17 million to star in this remake of “The Body Snatchers.” (It’s still not as much as the big boys, but we’re getting closer ladies!) (Friday) (Peter Sorel / Warner Bros.)
You will talk about: “So You Think You Can Dance.” It ends this week, and we’re going to miss it! Host Cat Deeley has nothing on Ryan Seacrest, but judge Mary Murphy is in a league of her own! (Thursday) (Robert Sebree / FOX)
There’s no avoiding talk about: “Trapped in the Closet.” You asked for it, you got it. R. Kelly continues his bizarre one man pop opera with the release of chapters 13-22. This writer is not a huge fan of the series, (we think Kells is above it) but if it serves as a gateway to the crazy mind of this pop genius then it’s not all bad. You can buy the full DVD at the end of the month, but on August 13th you can go to where new chapters will be posted daily. (Monday) (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)
You will at the very least hear about: “High School Musical 2.” It’s back people! If, like us, you have limited contact with any persons in the 7-15 age group, you may know little to almost nothing about “High School Musical,”the made for TV movie that has become a sensation, nay, obsession, nay, phenomenon! If you have a child in the afore mentioned age range however, you probably know all the songs to the first film by heart. This week the sequel airs on ABC. Should be grrrreat! (Friday) (Adam Larkey / AP)
If you have nothing else to do you could talk about: Gymnastics. It’s summer. It’s hot. You don’t want to go out of the house. Not even to rent a movie. You want to eat ice cream. In front of your TV. But is there anything good on? Oh. There’s a gymnastics tournament on NBC. Perfect. You’ll watch that. (Friday) (Kelly Jordan / AP)
Are people really still talking about: Dave Matthews? This guy has been around FOR-EVER. According to a knowledgable friend the only people still listening to him are “white males, aged 27-32, who were exposed to DMB at a college frat party in the late ‘90s, and kissed a girl after drinking 9 cans of Keystone Light, at which point she said, ‘I like this song.’ Said song was DMB’s ‘Crash Into Me.’” Very illuminating! Well, if you fall into that category you can buy the CD and DVD of the singer in concert at Radio City Music Hall. (Tuesday). (Tim Larsen / AP)