Lollapalooza Music Festival
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SMART LIST: Pop culture talking points (Week of August 19)

Lollapalooza Music Festival
You should talk about: M.I.A. When we first heard M.I.A. in 2004, we couldn’t believe our ears. Her music was so awesome and fresh and tough and fun. Now she’s back with her second album, “Kala.” It’s a mishmash of styles, from Bollywood disco to a song that samples the Clash. As the music writer in the family put it, “She made the album she wanted to make.” (Tuesday) (Steve C. Mitchell / EPA)
The Starter Wife
You could talk about: “The Starter Wife” (again). You could not possibly have missed the aggressive ad campaign for this miniseries starring Debra Messing, but maybe, like us, you missed the actual show. Well, now you have a chance to check it out this week when USA embarks on “The Starter Wife” marathon. (Wednesday) (Paul A Broben / USA Network)
You might talk about: “The Nanny Diaries.” We know this book was a bestseller, but we never quite understood why. (We tried reading it once and couldn’t get past Chapter 2). This week, the movie comes out starring Scarlett Johansson and Laura Linney. Well . . . we like Laura Linney. (Friday) (K.C. Bailey / The Weinstein Company)
We suggest you talk about: “Away: A Novel.” Back in college, we read a short story by Amy Bloom that sticks with us to this day. It was about a fat, mentally retarded girl with an incredible singing voice, and it was one of the most gorgeous pieces of writing we’d ever read. So when we saw she has a new book coming out we thought we should let you know. And our instincts appear to be right. Early reviews of this epic tale of a Jewish Russian immigrant declare, “It’s stunning.” (Tuesday) (Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 3
You might want to talk about: The Flaming Lips. This band from Oklahoma City may not be our most favorite band in the world….but then again, they might! Everything they do feels so unexpected and weirdly honest and of course, incredibly fun. This week they release “U.F.O.’s At the Zoo” a DVD of their 2006 hometown performance at an amphitheater in front of the Oklahoma City zoo. Like everything this band does, it’s probably worth checking out. (Tuesday) (Jeff Gentner / Getty Images)
America’s Got Talent
You could talk about: Farewell “America’s Got Talent!” This show did pretty well ratings-wise, but all we knew about it was that Jerry Springer hosted and there were some overweight women that sang and danced on it. (A little research revealed that those women have been booted off the show. Bummer!) But after perusing the website, we’ve decided to root for Butterscotch the female beatboxer to win the show that ends this week. Sock it to them Butterscotch! (Tuesday) (Dean Hendler / NBC Universal Inc.)
You might consider talking about: Catching up on “Dexter.” We’re happy for Showtime that they are starting to become a must have cable channel, although not so happy for our checkbooks. Remember those glorious days when HBO was all you really needed? (Thanks for nothing “Entourage”). Because of our lack of cable variety, we never watched this show about a pathological vigilante killer, but have heard tons about Michael C. Hall’s incredible performance. This week we actually have the opportunity to see it, when the first season comes out on DVD. (Tuesday) (Peter Iovino / Showtime)
Mr. Bean
Who wouldn’t want to talk about: Mr. Bean! We’re not Mr. Bean connoisseurs, but we’d like to be. And we definitely want to check out Rowan Atkinson’s new film “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” which opens this week. Here is the awesome catch phrase on the movie poster: “Disaster has a passport.” More Mr. Bean for all! (Friday) (Giles Keyte / Universal)
Smartlist 10
Did anyone know to talk about: “The Last Legion.” We just heard about this film about the fall of the Roman Empire ,which doesn’t bode well. We know “300” defied expectations, but we have no indication that this film, starring Ben Kingsley and Colin Firth will be a repeat of that performance.(Friday) ()