Larry Thomas
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Scenes from Toy Fair 2008

The Soup Nazi himself, Larry Thomas, was on hand at the American International Toy Fair in New York to introduce the “Seinfeld” version of Scene It? -- the DVD-based game. (Diane Bondareff / Associated Press)
Pop star Chris Brown shows off Hasbro’s new U-Dance game system, which uses motion-sensing technology rather than a mat to capture the dance performance. (Ray Stubblebine / Associated Press)
Indiana Jones made entirely from Legos? Hey, it all fits together. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
The Little Kung-Fu Fighters line of toys gets a display of its own at the 105th American International Toy Fair. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
Biblically-themed hand puppets bring a low-tech, retro vibe to the Toy Fair. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
“Taters of the Lost Ark” comes to life -- with a little help off the escalator. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
Monsters? That’d be one floor down. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
Fans get a sneak peek at this summer’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated movie with this toy version of the AT-TE featured on screen. (Ray Stubblebine / Associated Press)
Mike O’Hearn, aka Titan from “American Gladiators,” gives the Nerf N-Strike EBF-25 Blaster a tryout at the Hasbro room. (Ray Stubblebine / Associated Press)
Uncle Moneybags comes to life to help promote Hasbro’s Monopoly promotion, in which people from all over the world vote to get their favorite city included in a new edition of the board game. (Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press)
The upcoming “Iron Man” movie is the inspiration for a new line of toys from Hasbro. (Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press)
Nick Lachey helped celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels and the production of the line’s 4 billionth car by unveiling a 23-carat jeweled car, designed by celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills. (Diane Bondareff / Associated Press)
Not to be outdone, the makers of Scrabble introduced a glass Scrabble board decorated with more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals. Both the Hot Wheels car and the board are scheduled to be auctioned off for charity. (Ray Stubblebine / Associated Press)