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Over-hyped in ’07?

The Movie Slump Returns. We think it’s fairly safe to say that 2007 is going to be the year that the film business died again. Michael Bay’s heavily anticipated “Transformers” predictably disappoints. The stars will triple cross when “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” “Spider-Man 3” and “Shrek the Third” all fail to triple the business of their predecessors. The end of the film industry is nigh! (Peter Mountain / Disney)
Whither David Geffen? “Dreamgirls” stumbles on Oscar night and despite upping his bid for the Los Angeles Times to $2.1 billion in March, Citizen Geffen’s dreams are dashed when Tribune sells to an investment conglomerate. Geffen sells another Pollock and buys The Malibu Times instead. (Paul Hawthorne / AP)
Katie Holmes Pregnancy Watch II. If we only learned one thing in 2006 it is that America loves sequels (“Pirates II,” “X-Men: The Last Stand” “Ice Age: The Meltdown” ) and so there is no reason to assume that when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise choose to procreate once again it will not cause the same deafening stir that her first pregnancy caused. Whether Defamer will be able to keep thinking up new ways of riffing off his readers’ cell phone photos is yet to be determined. (Alberto Pizzoli AFP/Getty Images)
The Networks are Back. There was a time, not so long ago, when the media conspiracy had us convinced that the big three networks (and Fox!) were dying a slow death thanks to a little something-something called cable. Well, guess what? The media conspiracy was wrong. Because now the same companies that own the networks own all the cable channels, so guess who is back on top! (CBS / AP)
Michael Moore takes down the Pharmaceutical Industry. Literally. We’ve become a nation addicted to Xanax and Aderall and Ambien and Klonipin and Adavan, but not for long. Remember how Michael Moore kept President Bush from getting elected in 2004? And how he got them to put the factories back in Flint Michigan? Well, in his newest film “Sicko” he works his magic once again. America tears up their prescriptions and takes up talk therapy! (Douglas Tesner / For The Times)
“YouTube: The Movie” joins the over a billion worldwide club! You knew this was coming. “YouTube: The Movie” starring Ask A Ninja, Ask a Gay Man and the sleepy cat among thousands of others becomes the biggest movie of the year. Cast and crew don’t see a cent, but YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen rake in another couple billion. (Tony Avelar / AP)
Zune 2.0 takes iPod out. Sure iPods look cooler, and they came out first, and they are more like the cute guy in the Mac vs. PC commercials, rather than the older fatter guy. But what if we told you that Zune 2.0 gives you food recommendations with corresponding phone number for delivery based on your current playlist? Take that iPod! (George Frey / Bloomberg News)