Fast Track: Charlie Sheen fans diss Ashton Kutcher

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday:

Despite record ratings for “Two and a Half Men.”, Charlie Sheen fans aren’t happy about Ashton Kutcher. (Los Angeles Times)

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is working the apology circuit. (Los Angeles Times)

The first celeb was booted from “Dancing With the Stars.” (Los Angeles Times)


“The X-Factor”: “American Idol: Part 2"? (Los Angeles Times)

Gordon Ramsay is getting another reality show: “Hotel Hell.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Paris Hilton is really good at probation. (Los Angeles Times)

Ryan Gosling may be the new George Clooney. (Los Angeles Times)


Taylor Lautner says he’s “very sensitive.” Aw, does werewolf need a hug? (Los Angeles Times)

Jonah Hill wants you to call him to chat about his new movie -- (917) 409-7838. No, really. (Entertainment Weekly)

Peter Dinklage and his wife Erica Schmidt are expecting a baby. (People)

Radiohead will appear on an hourlong episode of “The Colbert Report.” (USA Today)


“Where the Wild Things Are” author Maurice Sendak has a new kids’ book, and it deals with death. “‘Bumble-ardy’ was a combination of the deepest pain and the wondrous feeling of coming into my own,” he tells NPR. (NPR)

Disney is adding “Avatar” land to its theme parks, and James Cameron says it’s even going to smell like Pandora. (Los Angeles Times)

-- Noelene Clark

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