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Kelly Ripa, sleek in a cat suit, would prefer that you not chew

Kelly Ripa once had a butt. And thighs, hips and something around her midsection besides muscles.

The very fit, very thin “Live! With Kelly" host was grande dame Sunday at the TV Land Awards for a second time, and to celebrate her hosting duties, she descended from on high wearing a black cat suit, one leg wrapped around a rope. The annual awards honor classics of TV, and Ripa is arguably one of those classics. Remember Ripa around 1990 in her earlier, more rounded form as Hayley Vaughan on “All My Children”? (See video below.)

It was on the soap that she met husband Mark Consuelos.  As Mateo Santos, he saved Hayley from an abandoned cave as well as a burning warehouse and married her not once but twice. Then they married in real life.


They now have three children.

After “AMC,” Ripa became ripped and so thin that rude comments began bouncing around the Internet about a possible eating disorder -- particularly after she appeared on the cover of Shape magazine, which subsequently named her one of the 10 fittest Shape cover models of all time.

In a bit leading into Sunday’s awards, Ripa dressed up in classic TV get-ups -- her orange sweater as Velma from “Scooby Doo” didn’t reveal much, but her Daisy Duke outfit and Jeannie’s get-up from “I Dream of Jeannie” showed super-flat abs and buff arms.  This is a body that knows no jiggle.

Ripa has said that eating well and running keep her in the shape she’s in. Notably, though, she dislikes the sound of chewing.


Several websites reported in the fall on an episode of her talk show with guest co-host Seth Meyers in which she self-diagnosed misophonia, or decreased tolerance to certain sounds.  Reportedly, her children have been trained to eat quietly, and if her husband eats “a juicy peach,” she flees the house.


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