Review: More genial Canadian vulgarity on tap in horror-comedy ‘Another WolfCop’

Serena Miller and Leo Fafard in a scene from the movie "Another Wolf Cop."
(Christos Kalohoridis / Parade Deck Films)

As was the case with writer-director Lowell Dean’s 2014 cult horror-comedy “WolfCop,” the sequel, “Another WolfCop,” knows exactly what it has to offer, and it doesn’t skimp on delivery. Looking for bathroom humor, beer jokes, heavy metal, unapologetic smut and a dude in a furry monster suit? These movies are a one-stop shop for just that kind of good-natured vulgarity.

“Another WolfCop” is even grosser and wackier than its predecessor. Leo Fafard returns as Lou Garou, the drunken, lycanthropic police sergeant who — along with his straight-laced partner Tina Walsh (Amy Matysio) and loutish best friend Willie (Jonathan Cherry) — fights supernatural evil in the blue-collar Canadian city of Woodhaven.

The wickedness this time comes by way of a shady industrialist named Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson), who promises to boost the local economy with a new hockey team and a brewery — the former staffed by nonhuman freaks, the latter pumping out a beer that fills the towns folks’ bellies with alien creatures.

There’s nothing especially clever about “Another WolfCop,” but that doesn’t mean the film is dumb. If anything, Dean and his crew bring an impressive level of attention and imagination to everything from the practical makeup effects to the design of the demonic hockey uniforms.


That said, this picture won’t be for everyone. Ask yourself: “Do I have any interest at all in a movie with ‘WolfCop’ in the title?” If the answer’s yes, you probably won’t be disappointed.


‘Another WolfCop’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 19 minutes

Playing: Ahrya Fine Arts, Beverly Hills

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