Golden Globes 2015: Top winners and nominees
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Golden Globes 2015: Top winners and nominees

Click through to see the top winners and nominees of the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. (Clockwise from top left: Fox Searchlight; FX; Focus Features; HBO)
WON: motion picture drama; supporting actress - Patricia Arquette; director NOMINATED: supporting actor - Ethan Hawke; screenplay (IFC Films)
WON: actor - Michael Keaton screenplay NOMINATED: motion picture comedy or musical; supporting actress - Emma Stone; supporting actor - Edward Norton; director; original score (Alison Rosa / Fox Searchlight)
WON: motion picture comedy or musical NOMINATED: actor - Ralph Fiennes; director; screenplay (Martin Scali / Fox Searchlight)
WON: miniseries; actor - Billy Bob Thornton NOMINATED: actor - Martin Freeman; actress - Allison Tolman; supporting actor - Colin Hanks (Chris Large / FX)
WON: original score; actor - Eddie Redmayne NOMINATED: motion picture drama; actress - Felicity Jones (Liam Daniel / Focus Features)
WON: TV drama; actress - Ruth Wilson NOMINATED: actor - Dominic West (Steven Lippman / Showtime)
WON: actor - Kevin Spacey NOMINATED: TV drama; actress - Robin Wright (Nathaniel E. Bell / Netflix)
WON: TV comedy; actor -- Jeffrey Tambor  (Beth Dubber / Amazon Studios)
WON: actress - Amy Adams NOMINATED: actor - Christoph Waltz; original song (The Weinstein Company)
WIN: supporting actor - Matt Bomer NOMINATED: miniseries; actor - Mark Ruffalo (Jojo Whilden / HBO)
WON: original song NOMINATED: motion picture drama; lead actor - David Oyelowo; director (Atsushi Nishijima / Paramount Pictures)
Motion picture drama; actor - Benedict Cumberbatch; supporting actress - Keira Knightley; screenplay; original score (Jack English / Weinstein Co.)
Miniseries; actor - Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey; supporting actress - Michelle Monaghan (Lacey Terrell / HBO)
Drama actress - Rosamund Pike; screenplay; director; original score (Merrick Morton / 20th Century Fox)
TV comedy; actress - Taylor Schilling; supporting actress - Uzo Aduba (Jessica Miglio / Netflix)
Miniseries; actress - Frances McDormand; supporting actor - Bill Murray (Jojo Whilden / HBO)
Motion picture musical; actress - Emily Blunt; supporting actress - Meryl Streep;  (Peter Mountain / Disney)