Scene Stealer: The Eye
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Scene Stealer: The Eye

By Ron Magid, Special to the Times

In “The Eye,” Sydney (Jessica Alba), a blind violinist, gets her sight back via corneal transplants from a donor who committed suicide -- and whose visions now haunt their new owner. Sydney begins to see her bedroom walls decay and resemble the deceased donor’s home. (Lionsgate)
Creating this “ghost room” was one of many terrifying tricks tackled by boutique FX house Asylum’s Marc Varisco. Rather than simply superimpose one environment over another, Varisco opted for layering multiple worlds by creating visual “pockets” that displayed creepy basement detritus and empty picture frames, surrounded by the remnants of Sydney’s bedroom wallpaper.

“We shot the floor and walls of Sydney’s penthouse apartment bedroom, then shot similar angles and camera moves on the dead girl’s room and the basement sets,” Varisco explains. “Seeing the effect from outside her point of view was more disturbing,” Varisco says. “Either she’s going crazy, or she’s really seeing this stuff.” (Lionsgate)