Shrek 3
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Summer movies: Sequel X-factor

‘Shrek 3'
X-Factor: Justin Timberlake
Will it work: Probably not. Rumor has it the singer does not put in a great performance, and now that he is no longer connected to Cameron Diaz the choice seems less relevant. But “Shrek” will survive just fine anyway. (DreamWorks Animation)
‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’
X-Factor: Keith Richards plays Teague Sparrow, Captain Jack’s dad
Will it work? Sure. This movie would surely be popular even if my friend Pat played Johnny Depp’s dad, but it’s nice of the filmmakers to let America in on the joke. (Disney Enterprises)
‘Spider-Man 3'
X-Factor: Spidey goes dark
Will it work? Yes. Tobey Maguire has charmed us as the gentle and good-natured Peter Parker, but to see him go angrier, darker, more aggressive -- that’s what sequels were made for. (Columbia Pictures)
‘The Bourne Ultimatum’
X-Factor: Bourne comes home
Will it work? Yes. We’ve watched super agent/amnesiac Jason Bourne traipse around the world, outsmarting the FBI and killing anyone who gets in his way, but we’ve never seen him do it in America. (Universal Pictures)
‘28 Weeks Later’
X-Factor: Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Will it work? Yes. Spanish-speaking directors are hot right now, and this guy is an Oscar nominee. (Fox Atomic)
‘Hostel: Part 2'
X-Factor: This time around it’s the girls who get tortured
Will it work? We could get all women’s studies on you here and talk about how much men love to watch women get hurt, but we’d rather not. Who knows? Maybe it will bomb. (Lionsgate)
‘Fantastic Four 2: The Rise of the Silver Surfer’
X-Factor: The Silver Surfer Will it work? Unclear. From a fan perspective the franchise definitely needed help after its mediocre debut in 2005. Will a silver surfer that comes from space to wreak havoc on Earth be enough to save it? (20th Century Fox)
‘Evan Almighty’
X-Factor: The Noah’s Ark angle
Will it work? Doubtful. The idea to put a whole lot of animals in this sequel to “Bruce Almighty” was mostly successful in raising the film’s budget to stratospheric heights. (Universal Pictures)
‘Live Free or Die Hard’
X-Factor: Mac guy Justin Long
Will it work? Unlikely. “Live Free or Die Hard” is still going to be Bruce Willis’ show. Long does have a fan base, but it would be a big surprise if they followed him to this tribute to a cinematic dinosaur. (20th Century Fox)
‘Rush Hour 3'
X-Factor: Detective Roman Polanski
Will it work? The guy made “Chinatown.” He knows how to make detectives work. (New Line Cinema)