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Studio chief scorecard

Jon Peters and Peter Guber

Used to be: Joint heads of SONY (1989-1994)

Made their mark with: “A Few Good Men” “Sleepless in Seattle” “Philadelphia”

Now they are: Peters occasionally produces, Guber founded Mandalay Entertainment Group.

How is that going: Mandalay has a finger in many pots—movies, TV, sports, so Guber is doing just fine. Peters maybe less so.

What’s next: Peters is working on the “Superman” franchise, Guber’s looking at a slate of TV movies. (AP / Getty Images)
Bill Mechanic

Used to be: Head of Fox Filmed Entertainment (1994-2000)

Made his mark with: “Titanic” “Braveheart” “Boys Don’t Cry”

Now he is: Founder and head of Pandemonium Films

How is that going: “Dark Water” did fine, “The New World” did poor box office.

What’s next: An animated ghost story called “Coraline.” (Alan Berliner)
Michael Eisner

Used to be: President of Paramount (1976-1994), Chairman of the Walt Disney Company (1984-2005)

Made his mark with: “Grease,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Lion King”

Now he is: Launching Vuguru, a studio that will produce and distribute Internet video.

How is that going: Ever seen “Prom Queen”? Neither have we.

What’s next: Hoping this Internet thing pays off. (Amanda Edwards / Getty Images)
Sherry Lansing

Used to be: Chairman of the Motion Picture Group at Paramount Pictures (1992-2004)

Made her mark with: “Forrest Gump,” “Braveheart,” “Titanic”

Now she is: Retired and doing charity work, much of it in cancer research.

How is that going: She won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Oscars this year.

What’s next: More awards will certainly be in her future. (Richard Hartog, Los Angeles Times)
John Calley

Used to be: President of Sony (1996-2003)

Made his mark with: “Dirty Harry,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Leaving Las Vegas”

Now he is: occasionally working with Brian Grazer.

How is that going: “The Da Vinci Code” went pretty well.

What’s next: A “Da Vinci” sequel and a few other projects in development. (Rick Meyer / LAT)
Mark Canton

Used to be: Chairman of Columbia Pictures (1991-1996)

Made his mark with: “The Cable Guy” and “Jerry Maguire”

Now he is: Producing for Warner Bros. under the name Mark Canton Productions

How is that going: Better now, thanks to a credit on “300.”

What’s next: A remake of “Fame” is in preproduction; a fantasy film called “The Spiderwick Chronicles” is in post. (LAT)
Jeffrey Katzenberg

Used to be: Studio Chairman at the Walt Disney Company (1984-1994)

Made his mark with: “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King”

Now he is: Partner in Dreamworks SKG

How is that going: Pretty awesome thanks to the “Shrek” franchise, but it wasn’t always so. Dreamworks got off to a rocky start.

What’s next: More “Shrek!” (Evan Agostini / Getty Images)
Joe Roth

Used to be: Chairman of 20th Century Fox (1989-1993), Walt Disney Studios (1994-2000)

Made his mark with: “Home Alone”

Now he is: Founder of Revolution Studios

How is that going: “Click” and “Benchwarmers” did okay, “Zoom” “xXx: State of the Union” and “Gigli” did not.

What’s next: Revolution’s distribution deal with Sony expires at the end of 2007. Roth says he will become a producer for Sony. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)