Lucky You
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Smells like ...

Movies don’t give off an odor per se (or at all), but the title, premise, plot or characters can trigger an automatic response deep within us in the same way a familiar smell can. Just as Proust’s Madeline brought him immediately back to his childhood, the knowledge that Judd Apatow tackled pregnancy in a film called “Knocked Up” triggers a “that’s going to be a hit” response that leaves us vaguely giddy. Here are some summer movies that “smell” like something:

A sacrificial lamb
“Lucky You” has been sitting on the shelves for two years now, a clear indicator that this film is not very good. So how do you keep everyone from seeing your mediocre movie? Open it against “Spider-Man 3” and problem solved. (Warner Bros.)
“Napoleon Dynamite”
Quirkiness. Unlikable characters. No discernible plot. Silly irreverence for no sake at all. “Napoleon Dynamite,” you have spawned “Eagle vs. Shark.” Will it be a raging success? If enough 14-year-olds quote from it, the answer is yes. (Miramax Films)
It’s dead on arrival
Talking-animal movies must make money, since Hollywood refuses to stop making them. But Jason Lee as the voice of a beagle with super-powers in “Underdog”? Good lord, no. (Buena Vista)
J.Lo’s breaking up again
It’s not a good sign when Jennifer Lopez starts making movies with significant others, so we’re predicting only bad things can come from her star turn in “El Cantante,” where she plays opposite husband Marc Anthony. (Picturehouse)
Dirt (in a good way)
In “Rescue Dawn,” Werner Herzog takes on Vietnam, and it’s going to be dirty. Good dirty -- like everything from this visceral, grimy director. (MGM)
Dirt (in a bad way)
By “dirt” we mean “trash,” and by “trash” we mean “Hostel II.” (Lionsgate)
A hit
Seth Rogen is the man of the hour (or he will be as soon as America sees his star turn in “Knocked Up”), so expect lots of good press for his directorial debut -- “Superbad.” And with stars like Jonah Hill (the weird kid at the eBay store from “40 Year-Old Virgin”) and Michael Cera (our beloved George Michael from “Arrested Development”), can this movie do anything but rock? (Columbia Pictures)