Tito Ortiz
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The faces of ultimate fighting

Tito Ortiz: The former UFC Light Heavyweight champ is famous for wearing t-shirts with taunting slogans after a fight victory. (Marlene Karas / AP)
Randy Couture: Current UFC Heavyweight champ and big star of the sport. Plays a fight commentator in “Redbelt.’' (Ed Mulholland / US Presswire)
Ken Shamrock: A former pro wrestler, he is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Chuck Liddell: Known as the Iceman, he was a longtime UFC Light Heavyweight champ. He also recently made a cameo appearance in HBO’s “Entourage.” (Michael Buckner / Getty Images)
Royce Gracie: One of the first UFC champs and a member of the influential Brazilian Gracie clan. (Bob Riha, Jr. AP/FEG/Dynamite II USA)
Quinton Jackson: Known as Rampage, he wears a trademark rumble chain and is the current Light Heavyweight champion. (Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun / AP)
Gabriel Gonzaga: The heavyweight gained attention for defeating the precise and poised Mirko Cro Cop of Croatia in a bout a few months ago in Manchester, England. (Gary M. Prior / Getty Images)
Michael Bisping: Known as the Count, the British fighter defeated Elvis Sinosic in April in Manchester, England. (Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
Elvis Sinosic: The Aussie is known as the King of Rock ‘n Roll Rumble. (Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
Rich Franklin: The one-time high-school math teacher is an ex-UFC Middleweight champion. (Peter Morrison / AP)