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‘X-Files’ memories

Agents Scully, left, and Mulder’s search for “the truth” came a conclusion in 2002. (Larry Watson / Twentieth Century Fox)
By the show’s seventh season, Mulder and Scully had learned the truth about the joint governmental-alien conspiracy responsible for Mulder’s sister’s abduction, but then they had to decide what to do with their knowledge. (Larry Watson / Twentieth Century Fox)
Mulder and Scully celebrate the imminent birth of Scully’s child. (Twentieth Century Fox)
Scully and Mulder discovered a cover-up in an otherwise tranquil housing development in the first big screen “X-Files” movie in 1997. (Rick Morton / Twentieth Century Fox)
A series of mass killings led Mulder to startling evidence of extraterrestrial life while Scully confronted an unexpected new threat to her life. (Marcel Williams / Twentieth Century Fox)
Scully was concerned for Mulder’s well-being when he suffered from a memory loss while investigating a case -- and was the only suspect in a brutal double murder. (David Gray / Twentieth Century Fox)
A spate of bizarre pregnancies sent Scully and Mulder to a small town where they encountered a suspect who proved nearly impossible to identify. (Doane Gregory / Twentieth Century Fox)
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprised their roles for “X-Files: The Movie” in 1998. (Rick Morton / Twentieth Century Fox)