Snapshots of membership


Times reporters confirmed the identities of more than 5,100 of nearly 5,800 Oscar voters. Here's a look at members from a number of branches.

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Harvey Jason, actors branch

Harvey Jason

"I don't miss it [acting] at all."

Madonna, actors branch


The 53-year-old entertainer said she finds time to watch her Oscar screeners.

Haley Joel Osment, actors branch

Haley Joel Osment

"They have a lot of programs about film preservation, and I really dug that as a kid."

Connie Sawyer, actors branch

Connie Sawyer

"The Oscar is the most legitimate movie award there is in the whole world."

Nick Bosustow, short film and feature animation branch

Nick Bosustow

"Everybody is trying to work an angle. Not because they don't have morals, but because it's tough."

Bhanu Athaiya

Bhanu Athaiya

"Cinema is a passion for Indians -- we can't live without it..."

Beverly Wood, at large member

Beverly Wood

"I am a serial killer aficionado..."

Billy Burton, at large member

Billy Burton

"There were all these action movies out and we would play a big part in them..."

Hilton Green, at-large member

Hilton Green

"My father wasn't in it ... and Mr. Hitchcock wasn't in it either."

Vincent Paterso, at large member

Vincent Paterson

"I'm a movie fanatic and [the academy] has no category for choreographers."

Agnieszka Holland, directors branch

Agnieszka Holland

In 2011, "there were more interesting foreign movies than American movies."

David Newman, music branch

David Newman

"Maybe you can get a chance because of nepotism, but if you don't deliver no one gives a crap."

Michael S. Baumohl, public relations branch

Michael S. Baumohl

"Oh God, I miss the old life and the old people..."

Michelle Reese, public relations branch

Michelle Reese

"I get the movies and I watch them religiously and I vote."

Sally Van Slyke, public relations branch

Sally Van Slyke

The "pitching skills" she developed in PR "always come in handy."

Landaker family, sound branch

Landaker family

The Landakers abide by an academy commandment: Thou shalt not divulge thy ballot.

Jeremy Larner, writers branch

Jeremy Larner

"I was always eager and ready to write screenplays..."

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