‘Mad Men’
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Golden Globes 2013: Nomination Snubs and surprises

‘Mad Men’
After a long, successful run of wins and nominations for best drama series, this year “Mad Men” came up short. The AMC series grabbed a nomination for Jon Hamm, left, but none for the series itself or any of the other cast members. (Michael Yarish / AMC)
‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’
Director Lasse Hallstrom’s quirky comedy received mixed reviews and minimal box office upon its release, yet the film managed to earn nominations for best comedy or musical picture, and actor and actress nominations for Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. (Laurie Sparham / CBS Films)
Meryl Streep in ‘Hope Springs’
Meryl Streep is a darling of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.; she’s been nominated 26 times before and won eight times. But not even her most ardent admirers were expecting Streep to get much award-season traction from “Hope Springs,” the mildly well-received comedy-drama that came out this summer. Then again, the HFPA nominated Streep for her performance in “She-Devil,” opposite Roseanne Barr, so anything is possible.  (Barry Wetcher / Columbia Pictures)
Nicole Kidman
The Aussie’s versatility and willingness to tackle challenging -- even potentially degrading -- roles earned her a pair of nods. In Lee Daniels’ “The Paperboy,” Kidman plays a sexed-up Southern Barbie with a beehive bouffant and a penchant for steamy correspondence with prison inmates. The supporting performance includes some of the year’s roughest movie sex (vis-a-vis John Cusack portraying a murderous ex-convict), a “telepathic sex” sequence (that plays out like a bonkers version of Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct” leg-crossing scene) and a moment in which the actress appears to urinate on Zac Efron’s character after he is stung by jellyfish. In the HBO biopic “Hemingway & Gellhorn,” Kidman plays Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemingway’s paramour-turned-third-wife and literary muse during many of the 20th century’s historical turning points -- the Spanish Civil War and the storming of Normandy among them. It’s a full-bore, scenery-chewing performance for which Kidman swears and swaggers and is shown engaging in no small amount of frenzied lovemaking with co-star Clive Owen. Kidman, incidentally, was nominated for the same set of roles by the Screen Actors Guild when that body announced its picks Wednesday. (Millennium Entertainment)
Tom Hooper for ‘Les Miserables’
Tom Hooper’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning “The King’s Speech” earned four nominations, including one for best motion picture, comedy or musical, but Hooper himself was left off the list of nominees for best director. (Evan Agostini / Invision / Associated Press)
Robert De Niro in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’
“Silver Linings Playbook” received four nominations, but none for Robert De Niro, who earned some of the best notices of his recent films for his role in David O. Russell’s romantic comedy-drama. (Jojo Whilden / The Weinstein Company)
‘Game of Thrones’
HBO’s lavish fantasy series is as international as TV shows get -- it’s shot in three countries. But despite two nominations and a win last year for Peter Dinklage, the show got shut out for its second season. (Paul Schiraldi / HBO)
‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’
This beloved indie film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival won multiple critics’ and festival awards, but that apparently wasn’t enough to charm the voters of the HFPA. The drama, set in a poor Louisiana community, failed to land any Globe nominations. (Mary Cybulski / Fox Searchlight )
The film celebrating James Bond’s 50th anniversary is being hailed as a triumph, and it’s a box office phenomenon around the world, but aside from a nomination for Adele for original song, 007 was shut out. Hopes were raised the day before by Javier Bardem’s SAG Award nomination for his blond villain, but the “Skyfall” awards momentum stumbled with the Globes. (Francois Duhamel / Sony Pictures )
‘The Newsroom’
Taking what many thought was “Mad Men’s” slot in the best TV drama category is HBO’s dramedy. The Aaron Sorkin-created series, which centers on a hot-headed cable news anchor (played by Jeff Daniels) and his staff, was largely panned by critics. (Melissa Moseley / Associated Press)
‘Parks and Recreation’
Amy Poehler managed to snag the HFPA’s attention for the first time last year with her nomination for actress in a television series, musical or comedy. This year, Poehler managed to get nominated again (a relief since she’s also co-hosting the show with Tina Fey in January). But many fans bemoaned the fact that “Parks” didn’t get a nomination for top TV series, comedy or musical, while the largely reviled “Smash” did get a nod. (Dean Hendler / NBC )
‘The Walking Dead’
Zombie-bashing has translated to rapturous reviews and a huge audience for AMC’s series, now midway through its third season. But despite being recognized by the HFPA with a nomination for best dramatic TV series for the show’s first season, this year the zombie-killers weren’t able to muster the same honors. (Gene Page / AMC)
Lindsay Lohan
We’re leaving it up to you to decide whether Lindsay Lohan¿s omission for her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime opus “Liz & Dick” was a snub or a surprise. (Richard McLaren / Lifetime)