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‘Lincoln’ cameos

Driver, a.k.a. Lena Dunham’s frisky bedmate on HBO’s “Girls,” appears in a brief but crucial scene in “Lincoln” as telegraph operator Samuel Beckwith. In a break from his “Girls” persona, Driver is both fully dressed and deferential opposite Day-Lewis as the 16th president. (HBO)
Yes, he’s Lane Pryce, the British financial whiz for whom things didn’t turn out well in the fifth season of “Mad Men,” He’s also Ulysses S. Grant, the triumphant Union general in this movie about the 16th president, set four years before Grant goes on to become the 18th president. (AMC)
A principled villain on FX’s “The Shield” and “Justified,” Goggins plays Ohio congressman Wells A. Hutchins, whom Lincoln’s lobbyists hope to convince to support the 13th Amendment. The Alabama-born Goggins has a face for the 19th century -- he’ll also appear this Christmas in Quentin Tarantino’s slavery-set western, “Django Unchained.” (FX)
Sponsoring the 13th Amendment, which outlawed slavery, or helping Walt White cook meth? Costabile, who plays the journalist-turned-politician James Ashley in “Lincoln” and the chemistry whiz Gale Boetticher in “Breaking Bad,” is doubtless the only person on the planet who can say he’s done both. (AMC)
“Rizzoli and Isles” fans know him as Vince Korsak, the animal-loving, marriage-challenged detective who’s protective of Angie Harmon. Here he’s playing with different stakes: McGill is Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s secretary of war and the man who helps orchestrates victory over the Confederacy. (TNT)
Stuhlbarg, who plays feared New York crime boss Arnold Rothstein on HBO’s 1920s-set “Boardwalk Empire,” trades in his fedora to portray lame duck Kentucky congressman George Yeaman in “Lincoln.” Stulhlbarg also trots to another time period this November -- the 1950s - -as Hollywood agent Lew Wasserman in the biopic “Hitchcock.” (HBO)
On “ER,” she dealt with a shocking HIV diagnosis, dated Eriq La Salle and sang a Green Day ballad to a sick patient. Here, the woman best known to audiences as Jeanie Boulet reinvents herself with a rather different role: as Elizabeth Keckley, freed slave and confidante to Mary Todd Lincoln. (NBC)