Iggy Pop
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Scenes from South by Southwest

Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop performs in the crowd during his set with the Stooges at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. (Jack Plunkett / AP)
Damon Albarn
The Good, the Bad & the Queen’s Damon Albarn performed on Friday. (Jack Plunkett / AP)
Perry Farrell
Perry Farrell with his new band, Satellite Party. (Jack Plunkett / AP)
Tim DeLaughter
Tim DeLaughter and the Polyphonic Spree perform at a daytime party. (Jack Plunkett / AP)
Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend presented the keynote address on Wednesday. (Jack Plunkett / AP)
Parker Todd Brooks, left, and Brian Soika of the LA band Muso, perform on a street corner. (Jay Janner / AP)
The Paybacks
The Detroit-based band The Paybacks perform at the Dog and Duck Pub. (Jay Janner / AP)
2 Blues
Members of 2 Blues, from left, Mr. Jamie, John Cockrell, and Lee Hall, entertain people waiting to get into a party at the Victory Grill in Austin. (Deborah Cannon / AP)
The Buzzcocks’ Steve Diggle performs at a day party. (Jack Plunkett / AP)