Trailer released for Dave Grohl’s ‘Sound City’ documentary


On Monday, we brought you news that Dave Grohl’s filmmaking debut, “Sound City,” would premiere next month at Sundance. Now, the Foo Fighters frontman has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming documentary, which is named after the film’s subject: a grungy Van Nuys recording studio where Grohl’s old band Nirvana (among many other acts) created some of its best-known music.

The trailer boasts an abundance of famous rockers -- including Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Rick Rubin and two dudes from Ratt -- opining on Sound City’s incomparable vibe. It also goes pretty deep on the value of the studio’s legendary Neve mixing board, which should convince music-nerd types that Grohl’s film is more than a drive-by affair.

Indeed, when Pop & Hiss visited Foo Fighters’ sprawling studio-cum-clubhouse in Northridge last year, Grohl showed off the Neve console as proudly as some men might a muscle car. (Do people still say “muscle car?”) The frontman bought the console in 2011 after Sound City shut down its recording operations. Perhaps he’ll use it once Foo Fighters ends its recently announced hiatus.


Watch the “Sound City” trailer below and ponder what Grohl describes as the need to keep music sounding “like people.”


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