Unexpected musical collaborations | Avicii & Aloe Blacc
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Unexpected musical collaborations

Unexpected musical collaborations | Avicii & Aloe Blacc
When an internationally known DJ meets a soul singer you get ... Electro-bluegrass? Swedish DJ Avicii teamed up with Blacc for the single “Wake Me Up,” a hyper, electronic dance single with country flair that has reigned as No. 1 in 22 countries since its summertime debut. (Associated Press; Los Angeles Times)
Miley Cyrus & Kanye West
Apparently the ex-Disney star’s recent penchant for twerking caught the attention of a man who likes to turn heads himself. Cyrus reportedly bailed on her own MTV Video Music Award after-party to help the Chi-City rapper remix his single, “Black Skinhead.” (Associated Press / Getty Images)
Taylor Swift & Jennifer Lopez
Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ tour briefly donned an R&B hue when the country-pop-megastar invited Jennifer Lopez onstage to sing “Jenny from the Block.” Introducing the track as her childhood favorite, Swift traded lines with J. Lo, strutting into a past when her hairbrush was her microphone. (Christopher Polk / Getty Images)
Weezer & Lil Wayne
In 2009, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo set out to try something new and the result was a Weezer/Weezy collaboration. “Can’t Stop Partying” features typical party anthem lyrics over a darker, alt-rock chord progression. (EPA / Getty Images)
Bing Crosby & David Bowie
David Bowie appeared on Bing Crosby’s TV Christmas special in ’77 to perform a mashup of “Peace on Earth” and “Little Drummer Boy.” It’s unclear whether Crosby knew who his duet partner was, but the pair’s musical chemistry was there. The single still gets quality airtime come holiday season. (CBS)
R. Kelly & Phoenix
The “King of R&B” charted new territory with an official remix of French indie rock band Phoenix’s newest single, “Trying to Be Cool.” Kelly and Phoenix first took audiences by surprise at Coachella 2013, dotting “1901" with the melody of “Ignition.” (Getty Images / EPA)
Garth Brooks & KISS
Singer-songwriter Garth Brooks dropped his country music chops to cover Kiss’ “Hard Luck Woman” with the band. Though Brooks lives in the mainstream pop realm, Kiss is said to be one of his earliest musical influences, evidenced by his rock-inspired theatrics during live shows. (Associated Press / Getty Images)
Mary J. Blige & U2
Irish rock band U2’s wildly popular song “One” got a 2005 revamp featuring the multiplatinum R&B diva Mary J. Blige. Blige’s effortless riffs and emotionally charged interpretation of the verses added vigor to a hit that has graced many “greatest songs” lists since its release. (Aaron Harris / Associated Press)
Elton John & Eminem
In a moment just as political as it was unexpected, rapper Eminem invited openly gay singer-songwriter Elton John onstage at the 43rd Grammy Awards to perform “Stan,” in response to the barrage of criticism slung at the emcee over his lyrics and alleged homophobia. (Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press)
Alicia Keys & digital Frank Sinatra
Soulful songstress Alicia Keys opened the 2008 Grammy Awards ceremony with Frank Sinatra’s 1950s tune “Learnin’ the Blues,” using archival footage of the influential singer to pull off a duet. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson
Better known for cracking jokes, Eddie Murphy did have golden moments as a musician, including a collab with the “King of Pop.” His ‘90s single “Whatzupwithyou” features Michael Jackson during the height of his career and a psychedelic music video -- peace symbols, clouds, the works. (Bruce W. Talamon / Associated Press)
Lou Reed & Metallica
Years after leaving The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed joined creative forces with Metallica to release the art rock album “Lulu.” Not all partnerships are amicable -- Reed allegedly challenged the heavy metal band’s drummer to a street fight after a disagreement during recording sessions. (Anton Corbijn)