‘Jane the Virgin’ got turned on this season — and Gina Rodriguez digs it

“Jane the Virgin’s” Gina Rodriguez says she’s binge-watching “Handmaid’s Tale” and wants to try out the video-game genre.


If the beloved narrator of “Jane the Virgin” was detailing the life of Gina Rodriguez, the actress who portrays the fictitious heroine at the center of the CW drama, he would likely describe the filming of the third season as climactic — then, of course, he’d scold you for interpreting that as a sexual innuendo.

But Rodriguez would allow it.

The season saw the sexual awakening of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, who saved herself for marriage.

Early into the season, Jane lost her V-card to her new husband, Michael (Brett Dier). And after his eventual passing mid-season, Jane begins to unabashedly embrace her desires — seeking out a fling with one of her dad’s costars (played by Francisco San Martin).


“Jane wanting to have a fling in these last few episodes with Fabian … it’s great,” Rodriguez said when she stopped by The Times’ video studio this week. “She feels attracted ... and horny. And that’s real and it’s great for her to feel comfortable about why she feels so horny and she wants to just be with a man and not have to date him and be married to him and it be so strict.

“I think that’s a beautiful evolution of a human being,” she added. “It is nice to be able to have those conversations. And in this arena that isn’t crude or harsh.”

Part of that evolution and development was because of the three-year time jump the show took after Michael’s death. Rodriguez said she didn’t feel cheated by the time lost.

“I really appreciated the time jump because … it allows us to have story to go back to those three years — to flash back, to see a part of Jane and how she arrived to where she is now,” Rodriguez said. “Which is a little more cynical, less naive, a little less enraptured by love and figuring out her sexuality in terms of being comfortable in her skin and wanting to have sex outside of a marriage. … When I started ‘Jane,’ I was 28, 29 playing a 22-year-old. Now I’m able to play this 27-year-old a little closer to the life that I live and that I lead.”

See the full conversation — in which Rodriguez shares the story behind her prom photo with Brad Pitt and talks about starting work on Netflix’s reboot of Carmen Sandiego — in the video below.

Gina Rodriguez, with her dog Casper in tow, talks about the “epic” happenings on “Jane the Virgin.”


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