David Letterman grills non-Scientologist Amy Adams about Scientology

Actress Amy Adams stopped by “The Late Show” Tuesday to plug her latest project, “The Master,” which tells the story of a spiritual leader whose life bears a certain similarity to that of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Anyone who regularly tunes in to “The Late Show” knows that David Letterman can be a relentless interrogator, even – or perhaps especially – when his line of questioning makes guests visibly uncomfortable. Last night, it was Adams who had the thankless task of trying to politely deflect his questions about the controversial religion.

“The movie is loosely based on Scientology, am I right about that?” Letterman began innocuously enough. Somewhat unconvincingly, Adams denied the connection. He pushed her some more, suggesting there were at least some “parallel elements” between “The Master” and Hubbard’s life story.


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Adams responded by saying nothing and squirming around in her seat; clearly, a nerve had been touched.

Letterman explained that although he was curious about Scientology – “I want to be a Scientologist,” he joked -- and he frequently has “top stars” on his show who practice the religion, he is “frightened to ask them about it.”

Another awkward pause ensued. “So you ask me about it?” Adams replied.

Still not done with the subject, Letterman asked Adams whether she knew any Scientologists (she does) and if she ever speaks to them about their beliefs (she doesn’t).

“You’re scared, right? It’s not easy,” he concluded.

Apparently not.


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