Jimmy Kimmel lands in stripper heaven in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ cast interview

Jimmy Kimmel and much of his audience got a taste of what heaven must be like when the stars of “Magic Mike XXL” stopped by the show. 

Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Sunday to talk about their upcoming stripper film, which hits theaters July 1.

Kimmel wasn’t shy about asking the guys about nudity, their porn names and waxing, nor were the women in the audience shy about expressing their enthusiasm over the handsome hunks.

Steven Soderbergh, who directed 2012’s “Magic Mike” and produced and directed the photography for the sequel, came up with the film’s title because "Magic Mike: The Road to Myrtle Beach” wasn’t up to snuff, Tatum revealed.


And it was "definitely easier” to see each other naked in the second film, Rodriguez said.

“We got that out of the way early on in the first one. I think this time we’re actually looking forward to seeing each other naked,” the actor joked.

“White Collar” and “The Normal Heart” star Bomer said they have “no boundaries left” and that he’s built up tolerance to the smell of self-tanner because his olfactory senses are shot.

Former wrestler Nash revealed that the hardest part of playing an exotic dancer wasn’t enduring the copious amounts of tanner, working out, dieting or body waxing. It was the “lack of wine” during it all, because the film required them to stay in shape.


The fellas also shed some light on what it was like to be an extra on the film during the dance routines, specifically when the ladies convincingly lose their minds over the gyrating, scantily clad stars.

“They sustained us through like three, four days [shooting] every take,” Bomer said. “Some of them were just determined they were going to be in the movie. They grabbed and they pawed and it was welcome amongst us and they are in the cut.”

“It’s dangerous, really,” Tatum added. “To be honest, some people got hurt.”

Shouldn’t have been a surprise: Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, who appeared in the 2012 film, actually had his thong ripped off by frenzied extras trying to stuff dollar bills into it during filming.

Rodriguez said that men in close proximity to women watching the film would get the same treatment.

“This is exactly why we’re telling guys to go see the movie,” he insisted.

“Guys, come on, it’s that easy!” Rodriguez quipped, with his costars nodding in agreement. 

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