Paul McCartney takes over ‘The Colbert Report’

Sometimes it pays to have your own talk show. Case in point: On Wednesday, Paul McCartney paid a visit to “The Colbert Report,” sitting for a lengthy interview and playing six – count ‘em, six – songs in a special hour-long episode. Even Colbert, normally so good at staying in character, couldn’t totally hide his giddiness.

The 12-minute conversation touched on a range of subjects. There was the grief Mick Jagger gave McCartney for playing alongside his “old lady,” Linda, in Wings (“Do you ever mock him for looking like an old lady?” Colbert wondered), and there was also the famously dramatic evolution of the Beatles’ musical style, which McCartney simply chalked up to “drugs.”

Although Colbert wasn’t too in awe of Sir Paul to correct his pronunciation of the word “schedule,” he did seem every inch a fan. “You’ve had 71 top-10 hits. At what point in your career did you say to yourself, well, I think I might be better than anyone on the planet at what I do?” he asked.

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“In truth I do pinch myself sometimes,” McCartney replied. He probably wasn’t the only one feeling that way Wednesday night.

Once the chat was over, it was time for Macca to take the stage, where he performed “Lady Madonna,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”, among others.

Note to self: Time to get my own talk show.



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