NBC's next live musical? How about 'The Voice' does 'Wizard of Oz'?

The rousing success of NBC's live "The Sound of Music" presentation and reports that network honchos are seriously considering staging another live musical got us thinking here at Showtracker.

What musical would be a great follow-up to "The Sound of Music?"


Then it hit us like a bolt of lightning.

How about "The Wizard of Oz?"

It would make perfect sense -- NBC already has much of the cast in place, thanks to the judges on "The Voice."

Adam Levine could be the Scarecrow. Blake Shelton could step in as The Tin Man. And who would make a better Glinda the Good Witch than Christina Aguilera?

And of course, Cee-Lo Green would be a slam dunk as the Cowardly Lion.

For the role of the great and powerful Oz, we see James Spader, bringing his charismatic sinister flavor from "The Blacklist."

In the spirit of Carrie Underwood, who was cast as Maria in NBC's "Sound of Music," we see Nicki Manaj as Dorothy, who could bring a hip-hop vibe as well as a bit of nice-naughty spice as she skips down the Yellow Brick Road.

What do you think? Could "The Wizard of Oz" be a great live musical with the judges from "The Voice"? What other suggestions and casting choices would you make?