TCA press tour: Margo Martindale goes from murder to mirth on CBS

Veteran character actress Margo Martindale in the last several years has played spies, murderers and folks who live on the dark side.

But in a varied career that includes a lot of theater work and film as well as several TV shows, her dream has always been to star in a comedy series.

“I always wanted to be on a sitcom,” Martindale said. “I just started killing people along the way.”

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The 62-year-old actress has finally gotten her wish. She stars in CBS’ “The Millers,” about a recently divorced local news reporter who is looking forward to living the single life again but is thrown a curve when his parents’ marital problems derail his plans for a freewheeling bachelorhood.

The mom (Martindale) moves in with him, while the father (Beau Bridges) moves in with the reporter’s sister.

The show finally puts Martindale up front and center in a lead role. The veteran actress has been a mainstay on several FX dramas, including “The Riches” and “The Americans,” and she won an supporting actress for drama Emmy for “Justified,” where she played the leader of a outlaw Appalachian family.

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That role changed Martindale’s life. “I now get to turn down jobs. That didn’t happen before. “

But she pointed out that she’s been a working actress since she was 16, when she started on the stage.

“I’ve been working all along,” she said with a smile. “You just haven’t noticed me.”



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