‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Ben Carson’ react to the Democratic debate on ‘Tonight’

What did Donald Trump and Ben Carson think of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate?

On Wednesday’s “Tonight Show," the Republican front-runners shared their reactions over the phone -- OK, so it was actually Jimmy Fallon and David Alan Grier doing their best Trump and Carson impressions. 

Naturally, Fallon-as-Trump thought the night was “huuuugely boring,” and tossed out insults nearly as enthusiastically as his real-life inspiration. Lincoln Chafee looked like a “turtle that shops at Men’s Warehouse” while Hillary Rodham Clinton “threw more shade than Chris Christie at the beach.”

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He even attacked Carson for stealing his campaign strategy: “You keep making outrageous comments every day, saying crazy things, yet you’re going up in the polls.”

In contrast, Grier-as-Carson found the debate exhilarating -- not that you could tell from his sleepy demeanor. Grier played up Carson’s low-energy style, chugging Nyquil and joking that he gets “four hours of sleep per hour." 

Watch to find out which candidate the fake Trump called “the fit old guy from the Cialis” commercial, and which candidate the fake Carson mistook for an “old, angry Muppet” -- though, you, can probably guess without watching.

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