Zap2it’s Greatest TV Characters Poll 2009

Greatest TV Characters
Who are the best TV characters of the past decade? Well, that's for you to decide.

Join Zap2it this summer as we let you pick the best TV Boss, President, Villian, Psychic and more.

Here are the three golden rules of how we decided who was eligible for inclusion.

1. A show may have premiered in the '90s, but as long as the majority of its run was after January 2000, it's allowed.

2. OK, fine, a show could have premiered in the '80s (hello, "The Simpsons"), but then it had better make sure it was on for a majority of the oughts as well.

3. Obviously, a nominated character had to have been on the show on a semi-regular basis during the past 10 years. So, while "ER" is eligible, George Clooney's Dr. Doug Ross sadly is not.

Still think someone is missing? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of each poll. We'll compile more polls based on your nominations at the end of the summer.

Best Mom Best Dad
Best Son/Daughter Best Couple
Best Brother(s) Best Sister(s)
Best Boss Best Co-Worker
Best Underling Best Reality Personality
Monday, July 13
Best Educator Best College Student
Best High-School Student Best President
Best Voiceover
Monday, July 20
Best Rebel Best Spy/Secret Agent
Best Antihero Best Tough Girl
Best Boozer
Monday, July 27
Best Doctor Best Therapist
Best Nurse Best Love Triangle
Best Sidekick Best Friend(s)
Monday, Aug. 3
Best Bromance Best Pet/Animal
Best Cop Best Private Eye
Best Forensics Expert Best Neighbor
Monday, Aug. 10
Best Villain Best Mean Girl
Best Exes Best Lawyer
Best Supernatural Entity Best Superhuman
Monday, Aug. 17
Best Robot Best Husband
Best Psychic/Medium (Real or Fake) Best Alien
Best Wife Best Animated Character