PETA | 2009
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PETA’s famous faces

PETA | 2009

In 2009, Cloris Leachman donned this surprisingly stylish red cabbage dress for PETA. According to PETA, the gown was the creation of L.A.-based costume designer Mia Gyzander-- who had tossed the salad worn by Alyssa Milano a few years back and required several dozen heads of red cabbage and green leaf lettuce.

Alyssa Milano
Baseball fan/ TV star / vegetarian Alyssa Milano appears in this PETA Europe ad. According to PETA, the gown “was created and designed by Mia Gyzander and is made entirely out of lettuce, asparagus and other veggies.” (PETA)
Mates of State
Mates of State’s Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel’s ad for the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” series is one of the few we could show you here from what is perhaps PETA’s most famous campaign. Christy Turlington, Eva Mendes, Roselyn Sanchez, Khloe Kardashian and many others have shown some skin for PETA. (PETA)
Pamela Anderson
Vegetarian and animal-rights activist Pamela Anderson has participated in several PETA promotions, including boycotting KFC and appearing in print advertisements. (PETA)
Amanda Beard
Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard launched her naked, anti-fur campaign poster outside the Athletes Village last summer during the Beijing Olympics, according to the Chicago Tribune’s wire reports. (PETA)
Amy Sedaris
Actress Amy Sedaris worked with PETA supporter / fashion designer Todd Oldham to design PETA’s take on her famous “Strangers With Candy” character. The ads were meant to parody the Blackglama mink “What Becomes a Legend Most?” ads. (PETA)
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith, who was often compared to Marilyn Monroe, echoed the other blond pinup for PETA. (PETA)
Bill Maher and Ellen DeGeneres
Comedians Bill Maher and Ellen DeGeneres shared their thoughts on fur coats in this PETA campaign. (PETA)
Charlize Theron
Oscar winner and animal-rights activist Charlize Theron poses in an ad against wearing fur. She’s also done PSAs against puppy mills. “Supernatural” and “Gilmore Girls” star Jared Padalecki and “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell also posed for this campaign. (PETA)
Jamie Bamber
Frak! Jamie Bamber of “Battlestar Gallactica” got a bit bare to protest killing Canadian black bears for their fur. (PETA)
It doesn’t take much for “Jackass” star Steve-O to shed his clothes, but this time he did it for a cause. Dennis Rodman, motorcross racer Carey Hart and Ami James of “Miami Ink” are some of the other tatted-up celebrities to participate in this campaign. (PETA)