Bear Mountain
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Street Fashion: Bear Mountain, Big Bear

Desiree Crossman from San Diego wears a Volcom flannel and holds a Hurley jacket. “I’m very comfortable, conservative, but classy,” Crossman said. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Eivind Koren, 21, from Norway, in Burton pants and jacket. Koren says he “likes colorful jackets and plain pants.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Shannon Foster, 28, “wearing Burton up and down,” with an Andy Warhol collector’s board. “I like a retro bright pink. I like lots of colors,” said the Florida resident about her style. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Admiral Larry, 22, wears an LRG jacket. Larry says he tries to be different. “I try not to wear what everybody else wears.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Jamie Panizales, 19, left, wears snow pants her sister gave her and a jacket from her friend Tonja Bishop, from Orange County, who says her style is “fun and flirty and really feminine.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Noel Boon, left, from L.A., wears a Devin Hester Pro Bowl jersey and Quicksilver pants. Athena Keller from Denmar wears Oakleys and a Bears jersey and has a Ride board. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
CJ Fulbright from Rancho Santa Margarita wears IDL. The 19-year-old describes his style as “steez.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Tiffany Rutt, left, from Palm Desert, describes her style as “I try to get a little bit of everything in there and nothing really matching.” The 26-year-old is wearing a Foursquare jacket, DC pants and 686 gloves. Conzetta Colantuono, right, from La Quinta, says she likes to “mix and match, whatever looks good. I’m a beginner, still learning.” Colantuono is wearing a Foursquare jacket and Burton pants. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Mike Rico from Long Beach wears a Grenade jacket. The 22-year-old says he “tries to keep it more punk rock than anything.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Emmi Fabien from Huntington Beach wears a Volcom sweater and O’Neal headphones. He describes his look as “loud.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Darriana Davis from Upland wears an Empire jacket and pants. “I just do it,” said Davis of her style. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Joel Walker, 29, from Austin, Texas, wears a Longhorn T-shirt and bandana. He describes his style as “just hippie, I guess. Snowbound Willie Nelson.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Charlotte Shafer, left, 38, and Kaili Shafer, 10, from Orange County. Charlotte wears “Volcom, that’s pretty much it.” Kaili describes her style as “happy.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Sebastian Boller, 16, from Los Angeles. “It’s getting hot outside. . . I figured, hey, I’ve got suspenders,” Boller said. (ColinYoung-Wolff / For The Times)
Dillin Davidson, 14, from Big Bear. She describes her look as “just casual.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Sierra Clawson, 19, left, from Toronto, wears a Seasons jacket and Burton pants. Clawson describes her style as “steezy.” Greg Watts, 20, from Temecula, says his style is “as mellow as possible.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Conrad Mateus from Carlsbad wears a Billabong jacket and pants has an Arbor board. The 18-year-old describes his look as “flowing park style.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Corey Plosch, 24, wears all Burton. The Bligh resident describes his look as “loosey goosey, just cruising.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Richie Wermuth from Murrieta wears a Jesus helmet because “he changed my life, so everything kind of revolves around that.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Kyle, left, and Katie Christman, 26 and 25, from Oceanside, Calif. (ColinYoung-Wolff / For The Times)
Dillon Dyson, from Olympia, Wash., wears Hell-A gear. “I’m actually pretty new, but don’t get it twisted,” Dyson said. “I can smash.” (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Danielle Smith, left, from San Diego, Kelly Anderson from San Diego and Mike Halcon from Santee. Smith is wearing a Betty Ride jacket, Volcom pants and holds a Ride snowboard. Anderson is wearing a Fox jacket and Burton pants, and Halcon is wearing Grenade clothing. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)
Stephen Ryan, from New York, wears a Northface jacket and Sims pants. John Murphy, from Temecula, wears a Grenade jacket and a Ride board. (Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times)