Tropiformer jacket: Like wearing a suitcase on your head?

Is the Tropiformer jacket the fashion gods' gift to geeks?  Or is it the equivalent of wearing a suitcase strapped to your head -- functional in theory but just too weird to pull off?

The new 22-pocket jacket is from Think Geek and Scottevest. Think Geek is that fun and funky website where you can get the Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker and the squeezable Infectious Disease Ball.  The Think Geek folks create things to stuff in pockets. And Scottevest creates clothing with pockets, 22 or 33 or so.

The Los Angeles Times has not tested out the Tropiformer jacket. But Scottevest is also the creator of the (33-pocket) Carry-On Coat, which Times fashion guru Adam Tschorn did test.  He found the Carry-On Coat had "a certain functional beauty."  But, he said, when it is crammed to the gills, you risk "walking into the airport looking like someone with 30 pounds of gear hidden in [your] overcoat. But look at the bright side: At least your hands will be free to raise high above your head."

Will the Tropiformer also make you look like a shoplifter?  In the company-provided video, the wearer looks sleek.  Slash Gear reports that the pockets are designed to distribute gadgets' weight. But what if you only want your iPad in there? Will it drag down one part of the jacket? And if you do add your phone, your MP3 player and your camera, will you clank when you walk?  Will you look like a ... geek?

The jacket, priced at $149.99, is obviously not pretending at high fashion, Tschorn said. 

"The zip-off arms are tech-geek cool," he added. "Too bad they don’t convert into an ascot or pocket square. That might add style where it’s sorely lacking. As menswear? Not so impressive. But as luggage with armholes, you could do a lot worse.”


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