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When you’re cold, curl up in front of these fire screens

Smoke screen 1
For those who aren’t ready to give up the crackle and flicker of a wood-burning fire, designers are fashioning artful, modern screens. Even after the flames have died down, the following designs offer something different to gaze at.

Our first example: The Smoke Screen, by Southern California architect Alla Kazovsky, has a 40-by-32-inch, white powder-coated steel frame with tempered glass. It sits on aluminum wheels and has a cocobolo wood handle. $2,500. (323) 436-0286, Kazovsky Architects)
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Alla Kazovsky’s Sixth Sense Screen ($1,800) has steel mesh draped behind five brushed-steel bars spanning the facade. It’s about 36 inches long and 24 inches high. (323) 436-0286, Kazovsky Architects)
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The A-Fireplace Screen by Alla Kazovsky: aluminum frame, steel mesh curtain and a pared-down aesthetic — plus a pared-down price, $700. For other designers’ works, keep clicking. (Alla Kazovsky Architects)
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Some screens are art pieces unto themselves. The Ramona fire screen from Philip Nimmo Ironworks features a brushed stainless steel panel that resembles an abstract painting. It’s $7,750 at the Thomas Lavin showroom in the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, (310) 278-2456, Nimmo Ironworks)
fire screen 5
Another example of Nimmo’s artistry: the Il Sole fire screen, a wrought-iron frame (shown here in an acid wash finish) with stained glass. It’s $8,750, as shown, at Thomas Lavin. Other sizes, finishes and glass are available, as is a mesh insert. (Philip Nimmo Ironworks)
fire screen 6
The Quadro fire screen (42 inches long by 36 inches high), inspired by a Mondrian painting, comes in a single-, double- or triple-panel wrought-iron screen with stained glass. $7,750, at Thomas Lavin, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, (310) 278-2456, (Other sizes, finishes and glass, as well as the mesh insert are available.) (Philip Nimmo Ironworks)
smoke screen 7
A budget-minded pick: the pewter fireplace screen, a triple panel of flat steel tubing and steel mesh with a pewter finish. It’s $180 from Pottery Barn(Pottery Barn)
smoke screen 8
The Hot fire screen ($1,200) by artist Pete Abrams is composed of recycled materials. A crane rigging’s wire rope forms the base; the outline of flames is fashioned out of used elevator cables, and the stainless mesh is salvaged. (609) 396-9936, Metal Work)
smoke screen 9
Mentas, a sleek, curved glass fireplace screen manufactured by Conmoto, comes in two sizes: about 38 inches wide and 22 inches high ($800), and about 33 inches wide and 20 inches high ($740). It’s available at OK in Los Angeles, (323) 653-3501. (OK)
smoke screen 10
Peter Maly’s tempered glass fire screen — 28 inches wide and 20 inches high, with a stainless steel base — is $850 at OK(OK)
smoke screen 11
David Hertz, the Santa Monica architect who developed a lightweight concrete alternative called Syndecrete, designed this piece made of charcoal-colored Syndecrete and half-inch tempered flat-polished glass ($2,500). (310) 829-9704, (David Hertz)