Share your strategies for managing screen time

When it comes to screen time, it’s do as I say, not do as I do in many families. That’s what a recent survey on parents’ tech use shows. 

But let’s be real: Parenting in the digital age does mean that much of our attention is going to screens, even to be an engaged parent  – to communicate and schedule playdates, to buy baby supplies on the fly, to look up what that crazy rash might be and to navigate with one hand on the wheel and the other breaking up a battle in the backseat. And, yes, sometimes just to escape. 

What seems to have gotten lost in all the shifting between the worlds in our faces and in our hands is the example we are setting for our kids. After all, many of us didn’t really have our parents as tech role models when we were kids.

Here are some suggestions from experts. But we’d love to hear from you: What are your screen-related strategies and stresses in your family? Maybe we can learn some useful techniques from one another.

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