‘Behind the Candelbra': The Vegas house
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The over-the-top homes of ‘Behind the Candelabra’

‘Behind the Candelbra': The Vegas house
Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Hollywood Regency home in Bel-Air played the role of Liberace’s Las Vegas home. Although Liberace’s Nevada home still stands, it has been converted into a banquet hall.  (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': the piano pool
The pool at Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house was transformed into a re-creation of Liberace’s Vegas pool by painting its sides to look like piano keys. A giant “L” was added to the bottom to emulate Liberace’s real pool. The wall had to be built to obscure the Bel-Air property’s views of Century City and the ocean, and more statues were added for authenticity. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': living room
Liberace’s love of pairings shows in the re-created living room, which features matching couches, chairs, mirrors and end tables.  (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': living room
Set decorator Barbara Munch tracked down the original “eyelash” fabric used on Liberace’s couches, and she used it here. The overall look is over the top, but those couches could drop into a 2013 shelter magazine spread with ease.  (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': bedroom
Liberace’s grandiose bedroom was brought to life on a sound stage. The goal: Emulate the original in Las Vegas. For the room’s mural ceiling, which Liberace had based on the Sistine Chapel, artists sketched and painted the design, which was then scanned, enlarged and printed onto canvas before being applied like wallpaper. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': bedroom
Videos of Liberace’s TV specials from the 1970s helped the design team re-create his house. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': master bathroom
Production designer Howard Cummings got lucky when it came time to reproduce Liberace’s over-the-top master bathroom. “We found the guy who made the original tub and columns and everything,” Cummings said. “We couldn’t use real marble, of course, but other than that, it’s an exact copy.” (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': plastic surgeon’s office
Played with hilarity and hidden facial tape (for that “pulled tight” look) by Rob Lowe, Liberace’s plastic surgeon has a swingin’ 1970s office. “I designed it around that crazy desk, which I’d seen at Omega Cinema Props for years and had been waiting to use,” production designer Howard Cummings said. “It’s made out of burled wood with chrome banding, and you could land an airplane on it.” Yank the carpeting, add a rug and switch the wall colors and art, however, and you have a space that feels right at home in 2013.  (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': Scott’s apartment
The set that serves as the apartment for Liberace’s lover, Scott Thorson, was a penthouse on Beverly Boulevard that Liberace actually owned in the 1970s. Although it’s now a marketing office, the production team found vestiges of the original design, including some black lacquered walls and a bit of zebra rug in a closet. The “Candelabra” team copied the rug for the film. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': drug dealer’s apartment
The apartment where Scott Thorson starts hanging out when his relationship with Liberace sours is all late 1970s cool: darker colors, rounded lines.  (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': drug dealer’s apartment
The couch is butterscotch leather with a plastic wraparound back. The actual shooting site is in Burbank and has been occupied by Elvis Presley’s hairdresser. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': the pianos
After nearly 30 years, two of Liberace’s famous Plexiglas and mirrored “dueling pianos” were reunited for the film. One has been in storage at the now-closed Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, and the other was on display at a Baldwin piano store in Los Angeles, where set decorator Barbara Munch stumbled upon it by chance. (HBO)
‘Behind the Candelabra': the man
And the piano with its master, played with much sparkle by Michael Douglas.

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