Domenic Fiorello’s Plant Pods
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Wall flowers: Planters to hang like art

Designer Domenic Fiorello created his floating Plant Pods out of white oak with a thermoplastic insert. Price: $100 apiece through Design Public or Beehive Style(Domenic Fiorello)
Fiorello’s Plant Pod, in detail.  (Domenic Fiorello)
This month California ceramist Jennifer Fisher of JFish Designs releases her Dino planter, cast from an ostrich egg. The piece is about 4 inches in diameter, made of stoneware with a low-gloss glaze. Two leather cords could suspend the plant from a wall-mounted hook. Price: $60.  (JFish Designs)
The Atwater Village garden shop Potted recently introduced City Planters, indoor-outdoor containers made of steel hand-finished in a rustic rusted patina.  (Potted)
A closer look at Potted’s City Planter, which can come with horizontal or vertical orientation. (Potted)
The Silver Lake store Yolk carries ceramic cuteness by local artist Jen Kuroki. Each is handmade and one-of-a-kind, owner Maria Neuman said. Prices start at $68. (323) 660-4315. (Yolk)
Another piece by Kuroki, this one hung by rope instead of mounted with nails. It’s also available through Yolk(Yolk)
Designer Farrah Sit bisque porcelain vessels come as individual pieces or as sets strung together. The three-piece sets pictured are $150 apiece.  (Farrah Sit)
A detail of Farrah Sit’s hanging container: leather straps, bisque porcelain sanded smooth. (Farrah Sit)
The Los Angeles store Poketo has Polka Dot wall vases ($22), ceramic flower holders in retro colors; a three-ring steel pot holder ($25); and the angular Off the Wall mini planter, a cantilevered ceramic pot ($20). (213) 537-0751.  (Poketo)
The tiny, 3.5-inch-deep Off the Wall ceramic planter mounts to the wall with hidden hardware. It’s $20 apiece at Poketo(Poketo)
The Juicy Leaf in Venice carries petite glazed ceramic planters with magnets on the back, so they can be affixed to metal surfaces. The textures are created by hand using plaster stamps. Price: $19.95. (The Juicy Leaf)
Sarah Brady, co-owner of the Highland Park store Platform, reports that this piece by local ceramist Roger Lee is one of the store’s best sellers. It hangs from a beautiful, handcrafted rope. We could see one floating in a room or perhaps three arranged against a wall, suspended from industrial hooks. Price: $60. (Platform)
Woolly Pocket’s Living Wall Planter, due out in October, has a vented shell made of recycled hard plastic plus a self-watering tank inside. It’s $26.99, and you can read more about it in an earlier post.  (Woolly Pocket)