Armadilla answers the eternal question, ‘Where’s the remote?’

Bless San Diego designer Curtis Micklish, designer of the Armadilla, which holds the answer to one of life’s most irritating questions: “Where’s the remote?”

Micklish designed the Armadilla as a place to hold all of those ugly remote controls that can litter the coffee table or get lost in the sofa cushions.

His handmade design consists of maple slats attached to a neoprene backing, creating a flexible piece that drapes over the armrest of a sofa. Lift the magnetic closure, and inside you’ll find a magnetic plate that holds up to four remotes in place.

The piece will work with a variety of sofas, but it fits best on a boxy arm. The Armadilla is $300 -- not too much for clutter-fighting moms.


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