César Giraldo

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César Giraldo was born in Colombia, where as a child he discovered his love for color and form that create the foundational elements of his design. Based in West Hollywood, with national and international residential and commercial projects, Giraldo is the founder and principal designer of César Giraldo Design.

Giraldo’s aesthetics can be defined as an ongoing dialogue between luxurious, innovative contemporary designs, and the timeless craftsmanship of the past. It is this juxtaposition of old meets new that inspires him to design unique, timeless interiors and to continue finding innovative ways to creatively express his vision. The process of designing a space is a deeply personal experience for Giraldo. A completed space should not only represent visual beauty - it must reflect the essence of a client.

With numerous completed high-end homes and commercial spaces in Los Angeles, Giraldo is currently finishing a private residence in Oahu that offers contemporary luxury design with stunning ocean and island views. In addition, he is working on three high-end private homes in Los Angeles and a new project in Hawaii.

Giraldo’s creative spirit extends to furniture and product design. His outdoor furniture design collaboration with Tidelli, entitled Medell n after his hometown, was recently launched and has been positively received by the design community. A rug collaboration which will be launched in December. In 2019, CA Home+Design Awards chose Giraldo as a favorite designer. He’s been featured in Architectural Digest, California Home+Design, California Homes, Casa, Casa Vogue and Luxury Home Magazine. cesargiraldodesign.com