Christina Nickerson

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Olmay Home was founded by Christina Nickerson in 2010. Nickerson traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, where she was inspired by regional handmade design. Her work ethos stems from an honest and straightforward approach to living. Every home she designs is unique and based on a functional, utilitarian space. Additionally, her work is always rooted in creativity and inspiration which imply natural and well-crafted design. This practice allows her to transform any home into a sophisticated and authentic space. She works closely with her clients every step of the way. Even if they can’t express what they really want, she finds a way to get to know who they are and what fulfills their needs.

Nickerson has lived in L.A. since 1992, married and had two girls. Now single with one daughter in college and one at home, she has plenty of time for design.

Olmay Home does staging for local real estate brokers as well as interior design, even landscaping when it’s called for. It’s all design after all.