Kishani Perera

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From the finest showrooms across the globe to the bespoke gems of local artisans, interior designer Kishani Perera relies on a multitude of resources to create beautiful spaces that have seemingly evolved over decades rather than months. This ability to blend the reclaimed with refined and the ordinary with ornamental has attracted a loyal following of celebrities, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more who have come to depend on her to create homes that are both chic and livable.

From uniquely decorated interiors to groundup construction, Perera carefully cultivates each home with a holistic view which begins with respect to not only the environment but most importantly, the health and wellbeing of her clients. Through non-toxic materials and construction elements and healthful furnishings and finish choices, her view is that everyone should live in a beautiful Healthy Home(tm)!

Magazines and periodicals have also been drawn to her cosmopolitan flair and passion for bygone eras. Perera was also named one of L.A.’s top 20 Designers of 2019 by The Hollywood Reporter. In 2012, a vibrant coffee table book of Perera’s work, entitled Vintage Remix, was released by Abrams. Perera was also approached by American Express to represent her design company in a national television and print advertising campaign.