Lars Oliver Hypko

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Lars Hypko is the co-founder of MASS Beverly, an internationally renowned innovative design-360 showroom based in Los Angeles, catering to designers and architects as well as discerning clients around the world. Hypko is an expert in producing ultra-high-end, turnkey residential and mixed-use projects and has collaborated with sophisticated developers on record-breaking residential projects incorporating cutting-edge materials and technology.

Trained in classical architecture at the University of Florence, Hypko at first was involved in design, manufacturing and sales for leading Italian kitchen and furnishings companies. His extensive knowledge of complex product and materials integration propelled him to work with international developers on projects worldwide, and eventually he landed in California.

Envisioning and ultimately launching the MASS Beverly showroom with Mary Ta in 2014 was just the tip of the iceberg for Hypko’s career in Los Angeles. He is continuously helping brands evolve product and connect their product lines to markets in the U.S. Currently, he is leading MASS Beverly’s involvement in a new visualization technology - an industry disruptor that will revolutionize visualization for the benefit of the design industry.