Grand Canyon
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GlobalFlyer Completes Journey

The GlobalFlyer passes over the Grand Canyon on its way to a landing in Salina, Kan. Pilot Steve Fossett completed the record-setting flight despite fears that he would run out of fuel. (Thierry Boccon-Gibob / Pool)
Steve Fossett guides his aircraft over Arizona. (Thierry Boccon-Gibob / Pool)
The Global Flyer approaches the Salina Municipal Airport in Kansas after circumnavigating the globe without refueling. (AFP/Getty Images)
Steve Fosset pilots the GlobalFlyer to a landing in an unofficial time of 67 hours and 5 minutes at the Salina Municipal Airport in Kansas, where the historic flight originated. (Larry W. Smith / EPA)
Virgin Atlantic Chairman Sir Richard Branson and pilot Steve Fossett’s wife, Peggy, wave as the GlobalFlyer lands. (Larry W. Smith / EPA)
Steve Fossett climbs out of the cockpit at the Salina, Kan., airport after completing his around-the-world flight. (Carl de Souza AFP/Getty Images)