Cheesemaker Jules Wesselink
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Good Gouda

Jules Wesselink inspects a wheel of the old-fashioned Gouda he makes in Winchester. Even in the Netherlands authentic Gouda is now rare. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Wedges are ready for packaging. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Winchester Cheese Co.'s covered wagon is a beacon near Highway 79. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Milk goes straight from the cow to a holding tank to the cheese vat. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Terry Gates cuts up a wheel of Gouda for sale. Wesselink’s cheeses are aged two, three or even 12 months. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Visitors can watch the cheese-making process through windows. (BOB CAREY / LAT)
Jules Wesselink’s daughter Valerie adds enzymes to the fresh milk. (BOB CAREY / LAT)