The Lau Pa Sat hawker center
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The Lau Pa Sat hawker center
The Lau Pa Sat hawker center, where the national passion for good cheap food can be satisfied. (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Lavender Food Square
Diners at Lavender Food Square, a typical hawker center (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Preparing satay
A vendor prepares satay at the entrance to the Lau Pa Sat food center. (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Fowl on display
Fowl on display at the Lau Pa Sat food center (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Chinese junks
Chinese junks form part of the Singapore skyline. (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Congee from “Joe Pork and Fish Porridge,” food stand 02-0609. Stands are numbered consecutively at the concrete-block complex, which boasts 200 stands selling food from all over Asia, so that diners can find them easily on return trips. (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)
Chinatown Complex
Vendors sell pig’s organ soup at the Chinatown Complex. (MICHAEL COYNE / Black Star)