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The L.A. River from Above

Bell Creek, left, and Calabasas Creek merge to form the Los Angeles River near Warner Center in the western San Fernando Valley. The river flows the width of the valley, hangs a right toward downtown and then spills into the Pacific near the Port of Long Beach, about 51 miles after it begins. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
The Sepulveda Dam in the San Fernando Valley. The river is at its most natural in the stretch before the dam, which was built as a flood-control structure and has popped up in numerous movies over the years. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
Cafe worthy?
CAFE WORTHY? Squint your eyes a bit, and this stretch of the L.A. River looks almost inviting. Goldfish Little Ed and Little Antonio live in water taken from the brushy part of the channel, near top. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
The L.A. River flows next to the Golden State Freeway. In the background is Griffith Park and the park’s golf course. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
This is the exact spot where the water was taken for the goldfish tank. The bottom of this section of the river is not entirely lined with concrete, allowing for trees and vegetation to grow. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
The Los Angeles River looking north from downtown. That’s the Gold Line light rail bridge in the foreground and then the pair of bridges that carry the Pasadena Freeway over the river. The pale green building on the right is the old Los Angeles jail. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
Looking west toward downtown L.A. with the 1st Street bridge over the L.A. River in the foreground. (Steve Hymon / LAT)
The Los Angeles River immediately south of downtown Los Angeles. (Steve Hymon / LAT)