Oaklawn Park racetrack
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Springing Into Arkansas

Patrons line the railings of the paddock at Oaklawn Park racetrack to view the thoroughbreds. The Arkansas Derby on April 13 will offer a preview of Kentucky Derby hopefuls. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)
John Toth of Plano, Texas, relaxes in a hot towel wrap after his mineral bath at the Buckstaff spa on Central Avenue. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)
The grand lobby of the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, built in 1924, is in downtown Hot Springs. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)
Flanking Hot Springs National Park, Central Avenue is the town’s main thoroughfare. Its collection of striking turn-of-the-century structures includes seven bathhouses. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)
Gallery Central is just one among Central Avenue’s eclectic assortment of fine arts and crafts collections. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)
Steam rises from a thermal spring cascading down a hill in Hot Springs National Park, whose park status predates Yellowstone’s by 40 years. (STEPHEN THORNTON / For The Times)