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Occupation of Jenin, 4/13/02

Hamdi Abu Amir, 34, takes refuge at the Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin. She and her family were expelled from their home in the Jenin refugee camp. She sits in the lobby while the city remains under a 24-hour curfew. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
An elderly man from the Jenin refugee camp waits in the lobby of the Al-Razi Hospital. He was separated from his family in the confusion of the Israeli incursion and was brought to the hosptial for an injury to his hand. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Palestinian men surrender to Israeli forces for document checks in the town of Jenin on Friday. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Ziad Qasrawi, 39, lives with his family near the Jenin refugee camp. He witnessed the attack on the camp by Israeli forces. Smoke continues to rise from the camp, at left. The Israeli operation continued in the area on Friday, with local men surrendering for document checks. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)
Asad Hashash and his family live on the outskirts of the Jenin refugee camp. They are still under a 24-hour curfew. Many of the homes in the area have been destroyed by Israeli troops. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Three women leave their Jenin home on Friday after it was bulldozed by Israeli troops. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)