3rd Street and Normandie Avenue
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L.A. Remembers

On the second day of the rioting, flames overtake a Jon’s supermarket. The building, which was at 3rd Street and Normandie Avenue, had been looted before the blaze was started. (KIRK McKOY / LAT)
Just hours after the verdicts were read, a woman reacts to the sight of a man being beaten at Florence and Normandie avenues. (KIRK McKOY / LAT)
Two hours after the verdict in the Rodney King beating trial was read, an unidentified man was beaten and robbed at the intersection of Florence and Normandie after getting off a city bus. (KIRK McKOY / LAT)
The bus passenger is beaten. The intersection of Florence and Normandie was a flashpoint of the riots. (KIRK McKOY / LAT)
The beating victim was led to safety by a man. (KIRK McKOY / LAT)