Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor and business partner Pamela Skaist-Levy
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Stylish Sweats

“You don’t feel like you’re leaving the house with curlers in your hair, looking like a slob. You look put together enough to go where you want to go.”
Juicy Couture co-founder, far right, with business partner Pamela Skaist-Levy (MYUNG J. CHUN / LAT)
Fleece separates by Juicy Couture, often accessorized with tony handbags, are appearing throughout L.A. (MYUNG J. CHUN / LAT)
Sweatshirt with a tie-dye look by Juicy Couture (MYUNG J. CHUN / LAT)
A bright tie-dye by Juicy Couture (MYUNG J. CHUN / LAT)
Comfy top by Juicy Couture (MYUNG J. CHUN / LAT)
Trainer Helene Guzman shows off some of her 150 or so pairs of sneakers. “I try to bring as much fashion into fitness as I can,” she says. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)